Ensure Host pre-configured dedicated servers can be used as a web server, e-business solution, corporate Intranet, DNS, reseller virtual hosting, live-streaming broadcast machine or anything that requires greater reliability, speed and a higher level of security. We host our servers in state-of-the-art data center's in USA / India, which provide unparalleled high-performance, high-availability, and high-security to all of 'our dedicated server' customers. Small and medium businesses must focus their resources on running their business, not managing their Web servers. For such businesses to be competitive, they must overcome the high costs of acquiring and maintaining Internet infrastructure (some analysts estimate that keeping web sites inside the company costs over a half-million dollars a year). To meet these needs, Ensure Host offers a complete line of 'Dedicated Servers' that outsource this critical part of any business.

Key Features of our Managed Dedicated Servers:
  • Ensure Host Control Panel for web-based administration software.
  • Full access to your server for complete server control.
  • Free upgrades of patches, hot-fixes, and service packs.
  • Complete scalability to your growth.
  • Highest level of firewall security for greater uptime.
  • Bandwidth utilization reports & Log file rotation.
  • web site performance monitoring tools.
  • Ability to run custom applications.
  • Personal account representative and direct answer support line.
Complete server management tools to create/modify/delete domains and users, park domains, install/modify/delete any Ensure Host shared hosting feature, Streaming Audio / Video setup and much more.
Complete 24-hour server monitoring including reboots and normal hardware/software maintenance.

Perfect for web hosting resellers, web developers/designers and inexperienced server administrators Ideal solution for mission critical sites requiring custom server management.

A perfect solution for webmasters needing greater flexibility, reliability and security for their clients.